About us


!beYOUnique is about You and Me. It's about Us. All those who are aware that life can not be repeated. We also know that we will not achieve more than we intend to achieve so we aim high and derive pleasure of risk-taking. We were born an original and we live originally. We are inspired and we inspire. We see the world differently and we like to be seen. We want to leave a mark, just like you.

We believe that our clothing emphasizes the uniqueness of each person, not just because it is admirable, makes you think, it is unusual, made from the finest fabrics and original but because it primarily expresses you! It says about your values, beliefs and passions, in other words about your personality and lifestyle. It’s a reflection of your unique interior.

Sewing in Poland, but looking through the prism of the developing world, where even the sky is no longer a limit, we also want to exceed these limits, creating unconventional collections, not only for unique people from our country but from all over the world.


Our goal is to reach the unique people from all over the globe!



We believe that there’s what we should be doing to make a living but there’s also what we must do to feel alive and we all need a little adventures in our lives!

Adventure is hard to define. It can only be experienced so what it means „living adventure” to us?

What doest it mean to you?

We hope you have enough courage to be YOUnique and live your own adventure. Life is the biggest adventure you’ll ever have and it’s full of tiny awesome adventures. Let’s fill up our lives with purpose and meaning!